Ride On Floor Scrubbers

PROv2 Series

Tomcat's PRO Floor Scrubber Dryer leverages simple design, durable construction, and unmatched value. The PRO Rider version features a powerful all-gear transaxle for easy ramp climbing and operator comfort. Operators will appreciate the easy maneuverability in tight spaces and simple servicing, while the steel shrouds and large polyurethane rollers protect the wall.

  • Run Time: Up to 3.5 Hours
  • Tank Capacity: Sol: 22 gal | Rec: 23 gal
  • Cleaning Path: 24" - 29"

CRZv2 Series

The Tomcat CRZ mid-size battery floor scrubber is durable and comfortable. Loading docks, long hallways and assembly spaces are easily cleaned and the optional batteries give extended scrub time. Increase operator productivity in your facility over a traditional walk behind auto scrubber while adding agility and diversity in cleaning. Extended run times mean more output per shift.

  • Run Time: Up to 5.5 Hours
  • Tank Capacity: Sol: 33 gal | Rec: 36 gal
  • Cleaning Path: 25" - 34"

EXv2 Series

Tomcat's EX Rider battery floor scrubber dryer intelligent design, and durable construction offer an exceptional value. With large scrub deck options and a relatively narrow frame the EX bridges the gap between mid and large size batter floor scrubbers. Its steel frame and large polyurethane rollers protect the deck from wall markings, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable machine.

  • Run Time: Up to 5 Hours
  • Tank Capacity: Sol: 46 gal | Rec: 49 gal
  • Cleaning Path: 29" - 37"

HDv2 Series

The Tomcat HD is a heavy-duty large ride on auto scrubber made for large spaces yet is still maneuverable to move effortlessly around obstacles. Operators ride in comfort while the machine's design offers excellent visibility.

  • Run Time: Up to 5 Hours
  • Tank Capacity: Sol: 65 gal | Rec: 78 gal
  • Cleaning Path: 40" - 46"