Cleaner & Safer Facilities

Battery powered floor sweepers and scrubbers, made in America, offering unbeatable performance and value.


Know Tomcat

We've built our reputation by providing the toughest, best-engineered, highest-value machines our industry can produce. We make sure that in every market in which our more than 350 distributors in 36 countries and service centers do business, they maintain a "factory" trained service department with a vested interest in our customers long-term satisfaction.

Tomcat offers a line of cleaning equipment that includes sweepers and scrubbers, in both walk-behind and ride-on models. All our models are practical, rugged machines that are sensibly priced. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you with rentals, soap, and floor sealer information.

Tomcat Hand Crafted Machines

Assembled by hand in the USA

Our American workforce hand builds each machine with components sourced over 95% from American suppliers. We routinely pay more for these domestically supplied components required to build a superior product. All design, prototyping, production and testing is done in-house where we can best control quality.