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Run TimeUp to 3 Hours
Tank CapacitySol: 10 gal | Rec: 10 gal
Cleaning Path17" - 24"
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The MicroMini battery floor scrubber design is compact and simple. With intuitive controls minimal operator training is required for your cleaning staff to achieve exceptional results. The MicroMini's durable construction means many years of dependable service and minimal repairs. Available in Traction Assist, this small auto scrubber can accommodate modest budgets while offering impressive performance.

The construction of the MicroMini and its available decks allows you to scrub directly up to the wall, into corners, reach kick plates and very tight against obstacles. You will find this machine in gyms, health clubs, locker rooms, kitchens, and restaurants, as it cleans much better than a mop and bucket and is more hygienic.

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Tomcat Disk

A disk scrub deck is the most versatile for your floor scrubber. With a gimbaled mount that allows a scrub brush to conform to uneven floors, it offers exceptional performance. For flat, smooth, finished floors, a pad holder and disposable floor scrubber pads can be used. For textured and uneven floors, you can choose from a wide variety of scrub brush fibers and grits, tailored to your surface and soil combination.

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Tank Tips

Our designers all have 25+ years of experience and recognize cleaning equipment will eventually require service.

Tanks tip back without tools, providing easy top side access to all important service items.

Quick access allows the technician to trouble shoot from their feet and make repairs quickly, with less chance of creating unintended problems from disassembling 5 items to get to the 1 that failed.

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Large Clear Lid compact

For customers experienced with our cleaning equipment, having a continuous view of the dirty water recovery tank is convenient. This feature offers real-time visibility of the water level, foam, debris tray, vacuum's white vac filter, and more.

The fully accessible recovery tank stands out as a key cost-saving feature, as the lid can be opened to clean out the recovery tank. This process not only removes odors and potential airborne contaminants but also minimizes the risk of inhalation by employees.

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Baffle System compact

The dirty water passes into our drain saver basket, and then fills up the rear side of the baffle such that the foam doesn’t migrate to the front where the stainless screen and float ball operates.

The stainless screen and white vacuum filter offer protection and ensure good airflow (squeegee performance).



Tomcat Equip

Easy Recovery Tank cleaning and optimized water control are key features our healthcare customers require. Cleaning the reservoir that contains the dirty water eliminates bad odors and the transfer of various contaminants. These scrubbers combine heavy duty cleaning and drying with noise levels suitable for facilities that operate around the clock.


Tomcat Equip

Schools frequently value the maneuverability of our designs for those congested areas and small elevators. Both K though 12 and universities utilize the superior productivity from our tank capacities and run time. Our EDGE Orbital technology greatly reduce the use of chemicals and afford meaningful cost savings.

Retail - Grocery

Tomcat Equip

Shopping malls, large retail box stores and grocery stores have high daily traffic and often need to clean up product spills promptly in the presence of customers. A quiet and quality cleaning machine sends a good message to the clients that the organization values sanitation.

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