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If you are looking for a floor machine that is easy to operate, will not damage your floors and gives you impressive results, the EDGE® Iso is your answer. To begin with the EDGE® Iso is simple to operate for beginner and inexperienced operators and well as experienced floor care professionals.

If you have used a rotary floor machine for spray buffing, polishing, general cleaning or stripping floors, you know how quickly things go wrong. In an instant, the floor can be damaged, the walls or building can be damaged or worse, an operator gets injured and then there are liability issues. No one wants to deal with any of these scenarios and you should not have to. Try the the EDGE® Iso. Instead of rotating scrub brush or floor pad, the EDGE® Iso used a high-speed oscillating scrub head with a rectangle shaped head. That means no rotating motion to start an unfortunate chain of events which end in disaster. The high-speed oscillation makes the machine easy for an operator to run with minimal training requirements.

The EDGE® Iso makes an incredible general floor scrubber and is also great for project work. With a variety of available floor pads, sandpaper, sanding screens and dust control options, you can scrub, sand and strip chemical free with speed, efficiency, and safety. The rectangle shape of the EDGE® Iso scrub head allows an operator to clean right up to the edge or a base board and easily and quickly clean dirt and floor finish build up from the corners of a room. With an EPP or an SPP surface prep pad, the EDGE® Iso can be used to strip floors or deep scrub and recoat without using any chemicals. Chemical free stripping means no stripper slurry to slip and fall on and no disastrous stripper leaks, errant footprints, or damage to sound flooring.

The EDGE® Iso is king for sports floor and wood floor refinishing. With a wide variety of sandpaper and sanding screens in various grits, its damage free productivity is unmatched. Say goodbye to crescent moon gouges, unruly swirl marks and run-away floor scrubbers. An operator can be quickly trained to get remarkable results on their first day running the machine with minimal supervision. The adjustable height handle and advanced vibration isolation make this floor machine a pleasure to run. With optional dust control clean up times are greatly reduced, and dust is kept to a minimum. Adjustable weights can be added or removed to get just the right results for the cleaning task at hand.

Tile and grout cleaning is a hassle that few people want to tackle. With available pads, the EDGE® Iso can easily clean the dirtiest grout lines with ease. The machine is very maneuverable and cleans all the way up to the baseboards making the operators job easier.

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