CRZ Disk

CRZ v2 Series

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Run TimeUp to 5.5 Hours
Tank CapacitySol: 33 gal | Rec: 36 gal
Cleaning Path25" - 34"
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The Tomcat CRZ high performance ride on scrubber is our most adaptive ride on scrubber driers. The flexibility comes from its narrow frame, 34” and large capacity 33-gallon solution tank. This allows the machine to fit thought a standard 36” doorways which allows entry into classrooms, labs, gymnasiums, community event areas, group assembly places and other spaces you would find in schools hospitals and health care facilities.

The CRZ floor scrubber offers simple quiet operation in standard mode and its operating sound level are reduced further by operating in economy mode, which also extends run time. Low noise and optimized water control are key features our healthcare customers require. The vacuum motor is protected by our patented vac box system that arrests foam and excessive recovery water should it pass the automatic shut off in the recovery tank. With our patented service cabinet, the operator can easily maintain the machine with crucial maintenance items located in one area.

The CRZ has a full front apron like it’s larger and smaller siblings to protect the operator, while affording superior comfort with adjust steering columns not found on similar sized riders. The CRZ rider floor scrubber has numerous patents for innovative designs, all intended to reduce customer cost of ownership from failures.

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Tomcat Disk

A disk scrub deck is the most versatile for your floor scrubber. With a gimbaled mount that allows a scrub brush to conform to uneven floors, it offers exceptional performance. For flat, smooth, finished floors, a pad holder and disposable floor scrubber pads can be used. For textured and uneven floors, you can choose from a wide variety of scrub brush fibers and grits, tailored to your surface and soil combination.

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Controller Options


The advanced touch screen scrub controller showcases cutting-edge 2010 technology, providing a sleek interface for effortless scrubbing operations. Its intuitive touch screen and customizable presets make it ideal for industrial and commercial cleaning tasks.


The advanced touch screen scrub controller incorporates familiar modern day technology, providing a sleek interface for effortless scrubbing operations. Its intuitive touch screen and customizable presets make it ideal for industrial and commercial cleaning tasks lending control familiarity and ease of use to staff.


The controller incorporates a durable metal casing, ensuring its resilience against impacts, and other environmental factors. Large, tactile buttons and robust switches allow for easy and precise user interaction, even while wearing gloves or in low-light conditions.

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Tip Back Tank

Our designers and engineers have 25+ years of experience and recognize cleaning equipment will eventually require service. The tank tips back without the need for any tools. Providing you with access to the all the important serviceable items.

The ease of access allows for technicians to easily troubleshoot problems with less disassembling to get to a single part.

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Steel Frame

The steel frame offers a through-bolt assembly with stainless fasteners for easier service and longevity. All assemblies mount directly to 7-ga (3/16” thick) steel frame.

Accidental damage to bumpers, decks, wheels, or over tensioning the frame during transport will not damage our tanks since we don’t bolt collision points to the poly tank.

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Stainless Squeegee

The exposed portions to recovery water is stainless. Featuring locking locking latches for the front and rear areas. Available with a range of blades for various floors and applications.

The stainless squeegee does great on both smooth and rough floors

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Baffle System

The dirty water passes into our drain saver basket, and then fills up the rear side of the baffle such that the foam doesn’t migrate to the front where the stainless screen and float ball operates

The stainless screen and white vacuum filter offer protection and ensure good airflow (squeegee performance)

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Patented Vac Box System

This invention earned a US Patent. The Yellow Vac Box is vacuumized and safely stores up to 1-gallon of foam or dirty water away from the vac motor’s intake

Dirty water drains out of the Yellow Vac Box via Unloader Valve as soon as vacuum is turned OFF.

The Blue Muffler Box reduces the noise and directs moisture out to the bowls, alerting the operator of a problem.

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Patented Service Cabinet

The patented service cabinet comes equipped with a solution filter, unloader valve, vac blow-by, suds valve, zero3, and a battery box valve. Each component assists in properly draining excess electrolyte safely while also collecting vac moisture to alert the operator and more.



Tomcat Equip

Schools frequently value the maneuverability of our designs for those congested areas and small elevators. Both K though 12 and universities utilize the superior productivity from our large tank capacities and run time. Onboard ozone (ZerO3) and our EDGE Orbital technology greatly reduce the use of chemicals and afford meaningful cost savings.


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Low noise and optimized water control are key features our healthcare customers require. Our patented vacuum protection and muffler system allow for high performance motors to operate at unmatched levels. These scrubbers combine heavy duty cleaning and drying with noise levels suitable for facilities that operate around the clock.


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Our products are used extensively on wood, vct, rubber running tracks, concrete, artificial turf and other surfaces that are unique to athletics departments. The wide range of scrub head types and sizes, combined with the assortment of brushes and pads allow for the greatest flexibility.

Distribution - Warehouse

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Our company “industrial equipment” origins result in the most durable equipment offered to the “commercial” sector. Warehouse and distribution centers utilize powerful material handling equipment and steel racking. The cleaning equipment needs to be built to pick up heavy soil, broken pallets, nails and also survive the inevitable collisions with fork trucks and racking.

Retail - Grocery

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Many in this category are moving away from the cheap imported products to our American made equipment that affords them better cleaning performance and less downtime for repairs. Shopping malls, large retail box stores and grocery stores have high daily traffic and often need to clean up product spills promptly in the presence of customers. A quiet and quality cleaning machine sends a good message to the clients that the organization values sanitation.

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